Time Machine fails with "network backup disk does not support the required capabilities"

  • New to OMV and running OMV 5 on RBPi 4 primarily for Time Machine server for the home, with 6TB HDD on USB3.

    The initial Time Machine backup from a number of Mac's work just fine. But when the Mac reboots, it will not perform any additional backup, and errors with a "The network backup disk does not support the required capabilities".
    If I reboot OMV, it works perfectly again. If I reboot Mac(s), it fails.

    I've been reading through for forum for a couple hours, and didn't find anything about this.

    My settings are very basic out of the box with the exception of the disk, shares, etc. created with Time Machine support. Am I missing something stupid here?

    Any help is appreciated! (screen cap attached)

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