Can't delete shared folder even though folder does not exist

  • I just installed OMV a couple of days ago and am very new. I am using OMV 5 with a ZFS array. Yesterday, I created a shared folder called 'plex' directly on my zpool and transferred ~6TB of data to it. Then, I realized that I should have made a 'plex' filesystem on the zpool first, then created the shared folders within the 'plex' filesystem. Well, I did something pretty stupid and renamed a 'test' filesystem to 'plex' while I already had a shared folder named 'plex'. Needless to say, it was not happy and started throwing me errors.

    I SSH'd in and saw that my ~6TB of data was still safe, so I renamed the directory from 'plex' to 'plex2' to remove the naming conflict. I was able to delete the filesystem but I cannot delete the original 'plex' shared folder. I've tried things like manually mkdir'ing a 'plex' folder on the zpool and trying to remove it through the gui, but no dice.

    How can I get rid of this latent shared folder from the gui? 'Delete' is greyed out (it thinks it's in use by 'config/system/resetperms' and 'config/system/shares/sharedfolder' ) and I get the following error when I try to 'Edit': Failed to execute XPath query '//system/fstab/mntent[uuid='167168f3-5e57-49ec-9177-59dfa9f80eae']'. Here's the content of details:

    I suspect I need to manually delete this share from a config file somewhere or something? Thanks!

  • bgunn925

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