Throttled - Log check up

  • Hi,

    So i have been keeping a log of throttling and temp when this morning i was randomly awoken by the sound my OMV PI rebooting (one of my SSD makes a spin up noise) i checked the system and everything seemed fine but then im no expert, so i checked th log im keeping and found that for some reason between

    Sat Oct 24 13:20:01 BST 2020



    Tue Oct 27 20:00:01 GMT 2020



    there was an issue but the 2 weeks prior and currently it is not showing any issues

    Wed Oct 28 12:20:01 GMT 2020



    is there anyway to check the logs to find out what the system was doing for it to throttle?

    Edit - Just checked the log on OMV and they only show todays "Wed, Oct 28th"

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