udev issue w/ Sabrent SATA/USB enclosure

  • I'm a brand new OMV user setting up a RasPi 2 with an external USB/SATA enclosure from Sabrent, model number EC-DFLT. It looks like the udev rule added in 3023d4ea36 incorrectly hits on this device. With that rule in place, the device is accessible the first time I try to add a filesystem from it, but after reboot the by-id and by-label device entries are both missing in /dev/disk and the filesystem shows as Missing in the GUI. Commenting out the rule added in that commit and restarting allows the device to work properly across reboots.

    I don't know enough udev to be able to figure out how to adjust that rule to work properly with the intended multi-port units and still work with this one.

    Here's info about the device:

    For now, I'm working fine with that rule commented out. I'm worried about it being restored during an update of course, so would appreciate any help figuring out a compatible version of the rule.

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