Nextcloud WebGUI, run it as php7.3-fpm-nextcloud-webgui ?

  • Hello all,

    I want to install Nextcloud next to OMV5 on a Rockpro64, not in a Docker

    The Howto's I read and want to use:

    Nextcloud needs php7.3-fpm, for example

    systemctl enable php7.3-fpm

    Is it possible to use 'php7.3-fpm-nextcloud-webgui' instead of 'php7.3-fpm' => '/run/php/php7.3-fpm-nextcloud-webgui.sock' to make it more human readable with future updates?

    Just like WebGUI Openmediavault runs?

    If yes, how?

    Is it also possible to run php7.3-fpm without the versionnumber as it is easier with upgrades in future?

  • The first link deals with a Nextcloud install on Ubuntu. OMV is Debian based so that link probably won’t do you much good. The second link’s article certainly starts from a OMV base but good lord, why go THAT route?

    The default method on this forum appears to be found with this How To. Docker-compose is a lot like learning to ride a bicycle as a kid: scary at first, but when you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you waited so long. There is a lot of help on this forum with docker-compose. Probably none with the path you want to go down.

    Simple and sure backup and restore: In a Scheduled Job: rsync -av --delete /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SOURCE/ /srv/dev-disk-by-label-DESTINATION/ (HT: Getting Started with OMV5)
    OMV Version: Ver. 5 (current) - Hardware: NanoPi M4, Nextcloud, Plex, Airsonic, Booksonic, Calibre, & Heimdall - Acer Aspire T180, backup - Odroid XU4, Pi-Hole (DietPi) - Testing/Playing: hc2, xu4, Pi 3B+, Odroid H2, and HP dx2400, Debian 10 XFCE.

  • The Rockpro64 and other SBC's doesn't have much memory etc

    I understand that Docker eats memory just as each Docker application as a virtual server?

    Installation directly leads to less use of memory and power consumation?

  • understand that Docker eats memory just as each Docker application as a virtual server?

    That is not correct. The docker applications take only the resources they need. Not like a VM, where you need to pre define the resources.

    memory and power consumption might be a little higher ( not sure really), but sbc’s like rockpro64 or rpi4 can handle it. I run Nextcloud on a odroid hc2 which has only 2gb RAM

  • If you really want it installed rather than via docker (and I can't imagine why you would)... why not just install Nextcloud via snap? There's plenty of Debian tutorials out there for this.

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