Cannot access OMV5 Network Shares over Internet in Windows 10 with OpenVPN

  • I have successfully connected to my OMV5 server with OpenVPN over the internet (outside of my home network) with my Laptop running Windows 10.

    My home router has port forwarding to my OMV5 server with port 1194 on (used by OpenVPN). My OMV5 server configuration also has NFS enabled, and I have added to it the shared folder that I want to be able to access (which is the same one I access when I am connected to my home network).

    I had expected to see my NAS server pop up in the "Network and Sharing" center in Windows 10, just like it does when I am connected from my home network. Unfortunately however, it does not appear, and I cannot access my Network Shares from across the internet.

    I have tried solutions such as running:

    net use x: \\vpn.ip.address\share-name

    from the command prompt in the Windows 10 client laptop. However that just gives "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found."

    I am at a loss for solutions? Any idea what I am doing wrong?

  • I have the same problem!

    I run a L2TP/ipsec vpn verbinding is my vpn range.

    my private network has the following range
    My router is also my dns server.

    i forward my vpn range to my private network.

    from my vpn i can reach every device on the network.

    only not openmediavault (

    i have not setup firewall in omv maybe there is a firewall by default?

    when iam home i look to the issue `

    See my 2 pictures


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