SSL for omv - admin login page security

  • Can someo e help me with securing login into admin panel for omv, please?

    If I'm going to login into omv panel outside of home, I would like to have secure connection with my admin login page, because as we all know not encrypted connections are easy to view what kind of data has been typed (login/pw).

    How can I establish ssl for omv admin login panel? I've tried to create own key (4kb) and request it from user but I've learned server is expecting user to have certificate preinstalled before connection. How can I force omv to install certificate to user while connecting/entering login panel? By Eeample: same like with bank login, You don't need to install any certificates to enter Your bank accout, anyway You can see connection is safe/encrypted.

  • The usual disclaimer applies: you're doing this at your own risk, you need a super-strong admin password, a reverse proxy/VPN would be safer, etc. - but with that out of the way, here's what I did:

    1. Get yourself a free hostname at

    2. Use LetsEncrypt and install CertBot via SSH on your OMV server to automatically obtain an SSL cert (and set up auto-renewal as well). Use the command 'certbot certonly --webroot', see this link.

    3. Now copy and paste the contents of your cert files (.pem) into OMV (Certificates/SSL tab).

    4. Once that's done, you can go to General Settings/Web Administration and set up HTTPS access to your login page. Careful to do this in steps, so as to not lock yourself out in the process.

    I actually got my SSL set up this way to use for the FTP server and possibly future access to Emby (media server) and virtual machines over the Internet, but tested it out on my admin login and it worked nicely. As I'm not planning to make OMV itself accessible from outside, I've since reverted these changes, but I know they work.

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