smb/cifs not connecting only on one computer

  • Hello everyone,

    I really like OMV so far the interface and the ease of setup, being able to run on some of my older hardware and most of all I like the ease of setup in the smb/cifs area whereas straightup linux distros I get frustrated.

    I set up a simple guest account to get started with everyone read and write and two of my windows 10 machines in house see the share and open no problem like it should. but the my main computer that I want it to connect to just will not. Now I have Freenas on another machine and it connected just fine to it via smb, as well as the other two computers.

    Things I have done so far

    pinged OMV and OMV pinged windows no problem

    ssh into omv no problem

    made sure i was on workgroup and private

    I found out that my computer was set as a work computer and changed that to a home network did not change results

    I tried to get into the registry to do the changes for smb2 but even as admin it would not allow access to make changes

    I checked to make sure that enable insecure guest logons was in fact enabled. It was

    Also disabled the firewall many different times to see if it would help

    I did not do anything via host file

    This computer I am having trouble with W10 version2004

    another one that is working fine is also version2004

    another one that is working is version 1909

    it also does not seem to matter whether or not smb v1.0 is enabled or not in windows because one of the working computers has it enabled and the other does not.

    OPENMEDIAVAULT shows up in windows explorer but gives me the connection error and I also get same error by typing in IP address

    I have searched and have found all these fixes and the pdf list but so far nothing is working, I even went down the list of program features from one computer to another trying to make them the same as much as possible.

    Now my problem computer in the network setting I see has ipv6 enabled which is different than the rest is this a problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated I am building a small server for general use but for practice to possible use on my dell r610 if it will work.

    Thanks for reading my long winded post

  • Well after alot more searching and head scratching trying to figure the differences between my other computers on my network the one I am having problems with is on windows version 20h2 where the others are lower, should not matter. But what I noticed in group policy even though it said it would allow insecure guest logins in the registry it was still set on 0. I did not do the whole powershell additions according to the "How to connectwin10toOMVpdf" I just changed the one value [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters] "AllowInsecureGuestAuth"=dword:1

    now that I have it working dangerously I will go in and make a more secure setup..

    I figured it definitely had to be my computer as everything else connected with no problems.

    My other server connected with no problems I assume because it was not set for guest or guest only after looking into it closer.

    Through all of this I got to read and watch alot of material, This Microsoft page helped me the most.

    Thanks for all the material and information on your forum I have used so far and have yet to use.


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