Unable to Mount a my Raid Drives after deleting snap shots

  • I originally had this question in the RAID section, but it probably belongs here more.

    This is a bit messy, but I'll explain it as best I as I can.

    I have OMV 4.1 on a VM in VSphere, with two RAID 1's, (2 x 4tb drives, and 2 x 1tb drives), and the drive where the OMV OS sits on. It looks like the 4tb drives filled up, caused the OMV VM to shut off, and then prevented the VM from turning on. Struggling to clear space on that drive since I couldn't turn on OMV to erase any files, and I couldn't read from it since it is in a RAID, I deleted snapshots.

    I managed to get the VM back on, and OMV looks OK, EXCEPT I can't mount the two 4tb drives that are in the RAID 1.

    I can see them under drives, just can't mount them. I was following this video here:

    , but in that video, the drives are mountable, and mine are not :(

    Please help!


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