Intermittent permission problem - CIFS

  • I have been running OMV4 for over a year as a "standard" NAS for file storage - the only plugins being CLAMAV and USB Backup.

    Recently I have started receiving "Permission required" messages whenever I try to create new folders or copy files to the share. This happens from my Windows 10 desktop and laptop, my Linux desktop, my IPAD and my printer's scan feature.

    If I reboot the NAS, this resets everything and it will then work for a period, but seems to fail again the next day. If I plug my USB backup drive in and let the backup run, then this seems to cause it to fail again too, but the backup completed OK.

    Running OMV 4.1.36-1 Kernel on

    Lenovo M93P Tiny

    CPU G3220T @ 2.60GHZ

    4GB RAM

    Kingfast 28GB SSD System drive

    Seagate 2TB USB 3.0 as data store

    I can't see anything obvious in the OMV logs - the only thing I have seen was a reference to too long a path depth in one area, which I have resolved I think - I am reasonably comfortable with my Linux desktop (Ubuntu), but by no means an expert - can anyone tell me where to start please.

  • Johnsoak

    Changed the title of the thread from “Intermittent permission problem” to “Intermittent permission problem - CIFS”.

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