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  • So I setup an Open Media Vault, with ssh and a windows network share...

    I run Linux as my daily driver systems. The OMV is on a Raspberry Pi.

    When I connect, thru my linux desktop - to a windows share folder, I'm only getting 7mb/sec.

    I'm not grasping WHAT WAYS I should be setting up the shares? I use linux. Period. I do have an iMac, but dont even need to connect that system. I run Kubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS systems...

    What are the ways I should be sharing my NAS, for the fastest connections? I just don't know about this entire technology enough and... can you help me to LEARN? Where should I go? What should I learn? What should I setup?

    I want it to be faster; really I want to edit files on a raspberry pi, on my linux desktop laptop.

    HOW! LOL.

  • I have a RPi4 with OMV and I get close to saturated GbE during sequential filetransfers. And I just installed, configured a user, added a USB3 external disk, created a ext4 filesystem and a share and configured NFS and SMB to use that share. Nothing special, just like the docs described. Also nothing extra, everything default. (Except I use autofs to mount other NFS shares from other NAS.)

    If you use a Linux client, try NFS. I think that is faster than SMB.

    If you don't use a RPI4 or better, don't use cabled GbE with good cables and good network equipment, don't use ext4, don't use a good USB3 disk, then you will get a slow NAS.

    If you do everything right, it is time to diagnose what is wrong.

    Test the drive performance. Test the network performance. And see what is wrong. There are several threads here on this forum (search for "rpi4 slow") about how you can diagnose what is wrong. Also a lot of info if you google "how do i test network performance in Linux" or "how do i test disk performance in Linux". Possibly with "command line" added.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
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