OMV and Nextcloud - Is it possible?

  • Hi,

    With the recent end of free google photos I looked around for an alternative and found Nextcloud. Looking for info on Nextcloud I found that a lot of people use it on top of OMV. I want to know if it is possible to achieve what I want.

    1 - Is it possible for OMV and Nextcloud share credentials or will I need to create the same users for both?

    2 - I will use Nextcloud as an alternative to Google Photos and possibly for Dropbox too. However since I'll have a disk connected to a SBC I'm thinking to install OMV on it. Is it possible for the nextcloud users to have read access to a folder that is created on OMV?

    Use case: I have two users each one with a OMV and Nextcloud account. On OMV I create two folders: photos and backups; Both users have access to these folders on local network, they can write and read to these folders. Is it possible to configure Nextcloud to also give them read access to folder photos so they can access it outside with Nextcloud clients?

    Thank you

  • For the second point: in nextcloud you can use the remote storage app to integrate smb shares. So if the photos are in a shared folder that is added to smb service, you can add it also to nextcloud.

    I need to create a shared folder called photos on OMV and add it to nextcloud using remote storage app?

    Is it possible to configure the access rights to this folder by nextcloud and choose which nextcloud users can read this folder?

    Thank you

  • No, you need to create a shared folder called photos on OMV and add it to the smb service in OMV.

    Then you can use the remote storage app in Nexcloud to use this smb share as remote storage.

    As admin in nextcloud you can define which user has access to which remote storage.

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