Memory usage

  • I am running OMV5 on a Raspberry with 4GB. When I boot up everything (Encrypted drives, mergerfs, SMB, VPN, Docker and 5 containers incl NGinx and Nextcloud) my system uses 0.6GB ram. If I let it run for a few days the Ram fills up to 3.9GB and never comes down again. I have even started to increase my Swapfile but all gets used up. It seems Debian or OMV never releases memory.

    Is there a way to force a ram flush?

    Has anyone seen the same behaviour?

    OMV4 on ProLiant N54L + 5 x 3.5'' WD/Seagate HDs

    OMV5 on Raspberry Pi4

  • You can improve the performance of RAM by increasing the voltage using the "Voltage Setting" parameter, safely 1.2-1.35 V, maximum-1.6 V. you should be very careful there is a risk of burning RAM.

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