Access between 2 containers, LAN question, VPN is ok

  • On my OMV setup, I've setup a stack, producing 2 containers. One running openvpn and Deluge (binhex/arch-delugevpn), and one running Medusa (

    The vpn and Deluge is working as it's supposed to. I can access Deluge both locally and through my vpn, all is ok with port checking and so on. My problem is that i can't access Medusa locally, from LAN, but it works when I'm accessing it through my vpn.

    The LAN address should be, but the Medusa web app is not responding, I get a timeout. But accessing Medusa through my VPN works. It's probably an easy fix, but I'm new with Portainer and Docker, so I'm stuck at the moment.

    The stack I'm using to produce the containers is this:

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