My approach on 4.x to 5.x - does this make sense?

  • Server A is running OMV 4.X. OS is on SSD. Data on 2 mirrored NAS Drives.

    OMV 4.x is solid as a rock. Hardware is a dated Fujitsu Server with an Intel Core i3. Hardware performance is not an issue other than it's a large box and a little noisy.

    My proposed OMV 5.x box is an HPE Microserver Gen 10 x3421

    While the new hardware is not super-high powered, it is more than enough, smaller and quieter (and newer even though I bought it used).

    My approach to this upgrade is based on the observation that OMV 5 is so significantly different than OMV 4 that an "in place" upgrade is challenging and disruptive. I would rather practice building my OMV 5 environment on my new box and then physically move the hard drives (data only) from Server A to Server B. My assumption is that OMV 5 will have no problem seeing the Raid-Mirrored drives.

    The drives are Red NAS labeled and only about 1 1/2 years old. I don't see the need to buy new drives for this project.

    FYI - I've installed OMV 5 a couple of times on the HPE as well as another spare box - and played with Plex in Portainer. Plex is running in Docker on OMV 4 on my current box.

    Bottom line - is this a good approach? What would you do differently?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  • I think a fresh install is a good idea. Moving the data drives should work fine as well. You might have some minor permissions issues if the new users you create have different IDs but those are easy to fix.

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  • Hello

    I also have a dilemma whether to change omv4 to omv5. Now I'm using OMV4 on Rock64.

    I want to install OMV on Raspberry pi 4 because of two usb 3.0 ports - i want to use two 1tb drives.

    Is it a good idea to go with OMV5 or install OMV4 on Rpi4?

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