Can't ssh into shared folders

  • Hello, I've been using OMV for quite a while, but this is my first post here. I am trying to get my system set up so I can rsync some folders between my laptop (Debian linux) and my OMV NAS. I can ssh into the OMV root folder, which is on a separate harddrive, but I need to figure out how to ssh into my shared folders on the RAID part of the NAS.

    I'm not sure what info is relevant, and I am a complete n00b to ssh.....

    Any pointers or help is greatly appreciated. I've stared at it so long, I'm not seeing anything at this point....

  • The data drives / filesystems are mounted in the folder /srv/. For example


    That is where you will find your shared folders.

    An easy way to navigate / copy / move is using midnight commander.

    Install with

    apt-get install mc

    run with


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