Custom Notificaiton with Signal Messenger does not work with sink

  • Hi,

    I have been using custom notification with telegram following this guide: [GUIDE] Use Telegram as notification service. This works very good also with OMV5.

    However, I am thinking to switch to Signal Messenger. I thought I could use a similar approach. I have duplicated the Telegram OMV sink.d file and inserted this code for signal:

    echo -e "${OMV_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT} on the ${OMV_NOTIFICATION_DATE} \n\n $(cat ${OMV_NOTIFICATION_MESSAGE_FILE})" |signal-cli -u $sender send $recipiant

    However, this script seems not to be triggered.

    I tested already manual message sending with signal which works very well. Also using this commands it works without any issues:

    export OMV_NOTIFICATION_DATE=testdate
    export OMV_NOTIFICATION_MESSAGE_FILE=/tmp/testfile

    Any idea why it does not work automatically with custom notification and sink scripts?

  • Try to use absolute paths in the script. Another thing may be that postfix executes the commands in a limited shell environment. Does signal-cli require any special environment variables? Try to enable debugging in that command and check syslog if there are any messages related to that.

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