Samba Credentials Windows 10

  • Hello,

    I would like to access my OMV Samba from Windows 10. After setting all things up, the result is that I have to supply the linux user and password to access the Samba Server at all.

    What I have done:

    • Created a linux user account usersmb with the same password the windows account has.
    • Samba Config: Workgroup the same as windows client is in. Added extended global configuration username map = /etc/samba/
    • Created a share with the necessary Privileges and ACL

    The includes following mappings:

    • usersmb =
    • usersmb = MicrosoftAccount\user
    • usersmb = MicrosoftAccount\User
    • usersmb = user
    • usersmb = User
    • usersmb = MicrosoftAccount\

    As you can see my windows user is a Live account created with a unique email adress.

    Any suggestions where I can look for further inspection? Things I am missing?

    Which user does Windows pass to my samba?




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