Permissions error with SMB share on macOS, only with larger folders

  • I recently installed OMV 5 on my Raspberry Pi 4B. Currently it uses a 2 TB HDD for Time Machine backups and file sharing between multiple devices on my network.

    Time Machine works well, speeds are ok, a bottleneck may be my switch. Nothing I can't work out.

    The problem is the file sharing. I created an extra SMB share, separated from the Time Machine backup. Smaller folders work well, but with folder sizes of around 4 GB and bigger, it transfers most of the data and then, in the last minute or so it stops and gives me this error:

    The user I created to use this share has all privileges and I checked everything in ACL. The weird thing is, that I can split the folder into multiple smaller folders and it works. I googled and found some posts that said it was a samba permissions problem and not a macOS problem..

    I hope you guys can help me out, I would love to get this working!

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