How to setup partial SMART test?

  • From this question and the answer by frostschutz I know that it should be possible to configure long smart tests that are partial. Is there a way to set this up in openmediavault? First and foremost, is `smartd` running with `--savestates` and can I manually configure extra functionality on the command line in addition to the GUI setup?

    PS: The question/answer might be old, but I got a recent reply from the guy and he still uses it this way.

    BTW: I am trying to do this because the smart test I did with a 14 GB USB drive (Elements) did not finish. After it failed due to `aborted by host` at 90% to go for the first time I used a skript to keep the disk awake. But it did still leave the last `10%` unfinished for several hours.

    Also, can you please remove the moving bell from the forum website? A red icon is enough.

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