Somebody help me sort out my requirements?

  • Hi everybody,

    Hope my question is not too general but I think I start with a summary of my situation. I have a Synology DS218j, it is a bit too slow, decided to build custom NAS. Bought some old hardware and made initial tests, now I want to move my NAS HDDs to the new setup.

    First things first, I need to decide which OS. Some people suggested OMV, I got it recommended a lot back in the days. I found freenas, but was a bit disappointed that I can’t run Docker on it so easily. And I somehow got only 8GB of ECC ram, which I will need to extend some GBs, it seems.

    What I need and want:

    -simple file server syncing across all my devices. I thought about nextcloud for this. But I really want a versioning feature like on Synology. I could set up how many old versions I like to keep and it did it’s thing.

    -ZFS seems like the filesystem to go, even If I could not figure out yet what I can do with it.

    -it should be rock solid. Like really rock solid. I would like something like synology with least maintenance as possible, but have no problems administrating now and then if everything is safe. but maybe it can update security relevant stuff by itself and reboot if necessary or so.

    -i want to add a Java application server for some developments of myself. Thought docker would be enough.

    -I have family videos and photos. I don’t know what to use but I would like it a lot if I could manage to put it somewhere share with family members and just stream the vids/look the pictures. I can convert it on my pc beforehand if necessary, no problem. And sorting by date and with tags or so, don’t know if there can be a background process recognizing people(not important, just nice stuff I think somebody thought about it before and could already be something out there)

    Am I overthinking it and block myself instead of going ahead and migrate? Some simple answers would be nice.

    So in the end i need to move my 2x4TB WD red to the new system. And have it all available as soon as I start using it(since working actively on my master thesis right now). I barely use 1TB of it, backed it up on another WD Blue 4TB with hyper backup.

    something I should be aware or just follow or think about? I thought I need to copy all files first to another device, then mount the hdds to the new setup and configure them as raid1, and then copy my files back to the hdds, right? But I need the cloud files in the new cloud system already then.

    Ah, my hardware is a core i3-4160 with 4x2GB DDR3 ECC Ram, on a gigabyte workstation Mainboard(can write exact model if interested). And a cheap 120GB SSD for OS.

    Sorry for that much text, somehow I write too much... but I hope it will clear out all questions since I could not find satisfying information by googling the questions.

    Best regards

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