OMV5 with Nextcloud/Maridb/SWAG stack install

  • Hey everyone! First post.

    So I am attempting a re-install of the products in the topic, luckily Docker makes it so simple. I have installed the programs trade swag for letsencrypt about six months ago but was never happy with it not having SSL (I never got it working with letsencrypt). Well, summer is over and I am back to the winter project. I decided it is so easy to wipe out that I would start over and upgrade to swag and all that jazz. I wiped out the files on the back end through putty so that I have a clean slate to work with and I am having trouble getting my nextcloud page to advertise. Please Help!


    OMV 5 with a minecraft server and DuckDNS running at this time. SInce yesterday I have installed all of the programs in the subject in a stack following this guide:


    It really is a kick ass walkthrough. I've done everything listed here but am having a hard time. My nginx site loads with the full wildcard but it is not the nextcloud setup page just that generic nginx. I think it boils down to my .php file but I'm not sure can someone help me out?

    config.txt this is my config.php

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  • If you get the “welcome to our server” message it means that the forwarding from nginx inside the swag container to Nextcloud doesn’t work

    Thanks for the speedy response! So then this would be the .php file? I already modified the nextcloud.subdomain.conf file. If I post the PHP could you tell me if you see an error?


  • You are mixing subdomain and subfolder method. Which one do you want to use?

    When using subfolder you don’t need the nextcloud. subdomain in front of your domain.

    And there are a lot of errors in your config.php please compare against the guide again.

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