NFS works on RK3328 Renegade but not using Pi4 - Trying to access from Kodi

  • Hello, I've been using OMV for a while now, works GREAT! However, I've had a long running problem with NFS.

    I run Kodi on RK3328-CC, and OMV4 on another RK3328-CC, this is no problem as NFS works just fine.

    I then installed OMV5 on a Pi4 with more of a manual install starting from raspios-buster-armhf-lite, then running a script over SSH to install OMV. All that went fine, however, when I try to access NFS share from the Kodi, I get nothing. I have the same settings setup with both OMV installs, and Win10 access the folders over SMB no problem.

    The install I used for the RK3328 is from here:

    OpenMediaVault download for the Libre Computer ROC-Rk3328-CC

    I get this from OMV, so it looks like it's working, but cant figure out why NFS works on the RK-3328 and not on the Pi4.

    pi@OMV:~ $ showmount -e

    Export list for

    /export *

    /export/Video *

    /export/My_Pictures *

    pi@OMV:~ $

    When I try to add the NFS share in Kodi, on working RK3328 OMV It finds the IP address automatically, but when Pi4 OMV is running, nothing comes up, and even manual entry of the entire nfs:// path comes up with nothing. I've never been lucky getting SMB working on Kodi on these Pi's or RK3328's, NFS is the only one, and only recently when I just happen to use an RK3328 with OMV. It's never worked with any Pi's running OMV. Now I realize what the difference is... the RK3328.

    Any idea why this is?


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  • I had issues with Kodi accessing nfs a while. Can't explain it as I mount/browse them with the same info from my laptop no problem.

    I honestly only put about 3min worth of work into it when it first happened.. then I just created an smb share and pointed kodi at it.. problem solved.

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • What version of Kodi is used?

    You flagged OMV as version 5.x but the download link is for version 4.x.

    What OMV version is actually used?

    omv 5.6.13-1 (usul) on RPi4/4GB with Kernel 5.10.17 and WittyPi 3 V2 RTC HAT

    2x 6TB HDD formatted with ext4 in Icy Box IB-RD3662-C31 / hardware supported RAID1

    For Read/Write performance of SMB shares hosted on this hardware see forum here

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