Reclaiming unallocated space in my install ssd

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    Yup. Everything looks good. All containers running fine. Thanks for your help!

    Only real disadvantage of this, is your containers are not stored on your storage drives, so if you ever have to format your OS drive for some reason, you lose your container data (unless you back them up before hand)

    If your containers are more or less set up how you want them now... You might want to go back to the link I gave you earlier on how to make the symlinks... in it there is a command to back up your /var/lib/docker to a tar file... then you can just put that tar file on your storage drives. In the event you ever have to reinstall, etc.. just unpack that tar file to /var/lib/docker, and your containers will be right back where they are now... it might also be a pretty big file (however big /var/lib/docker is)

  • So I ran into this problem again and couldnt log in. I was able to but now no containers work. Everything is running in portainer but if I try to connect to plex it says server is not available. If I try to open transmission connection refused. I cant even access my files from windows explorer. It says windows cannot access my server.

    Edit: Even more confused. My raid is not in OMV at all. Its not mounted and status says its missing.

    Edit 2: One of my HDDs is missing from under disks in OMV

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