Nvidia driver and docker installation

  • I've tried googling and found this thread amongst a bunch of other post on various other forums: How to setup Nvidia in Plex docker for hardware transcoding?

    this one in particular seems to be the "working" solution. But it seems to be for OMV 4. I have a fresh install of OMV 5. I am getting issues with DKMS module building, nvidia-smi not working etc.

    Then finally i was able to get `nvidia-smi` to work using the instructions from jellyfin: https://jellyfin.org/docs/gene…html#debian-docker-nvidia
    But it is using `nvidia-docker2` which is the older version as far as I understand. I was able to create the container, but the HW transcoding doesn't work.

    Is there a definitive guide for getting nvidia drivers and docker going for OMV5


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