RTL8125B cannot add network interface in OMV4

  • Hi,

    I added a PCIe 2.5Gb network card with RTL8125b chipset (Delock)

    But I am not able to add it to the network interfaces. I only see three veth interfaces to select which differ each time I am starting up.

    I followed the instructions here:

    RE: W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8125a-3.fw

    3 files are new there: rtl8125a-3.fw, rtl8125b-1.fw and rtl8125b-2.fw

    But still I cannot add the additional network card...this card should have a direct link to a second network card in my PC to optimize transfers.

    PCIe Mode is set to auto in the j4105 Bios

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  • Do you have internet access via another device on the server?

  • The onboard 1gb works flawless as eth0 (mostly 90MB+)

    This is the interface for the home network... The second with 2.5gb is for PC - NAS only

  • This chipset is AFAIK not supported by the 4.x kernel series. You'll need a fairly recent kernel (5.6 upwards) and a recent firmware-realtek package (20200619-1 judging from the changelog).

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