Unlock encrypted drives during boot

  • So I had automatic decryption of my drives working with a normal OMV-install.

    I was trying to setup btrfs snapshots and for this reason installed Debian and then OMV.

    Everything is working fine except for my crypttab.

    During initramfs it says: "cryptsetup: Waiting for encrypted source device UUID=...."

    Calling `blkid` (inside initramfs after the timeout) shows that no block device (other then my root device) is available and therefore cannot be decrypted ....

    I run out of ideas.

    I also installed to a ext4 partition and I have the same problem, so its not btrfs causing the issue.

    Before updating the initramfs with crypttab the drives show up fine once booted and I am able to decrypt and mount them inside the WebUI.

    Something is missing in the initramfs which is causing the drives not to load during this stage...

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