[solved] QNAP HBS 3 claims about unsupported FTP commands UTF8 MLST MFMT

  • I'm an absolute beginner with OpenMediaVault. But if you unterstand the concept behind OMV you will get used to it. The OMV Web UI is somewhat basic compared to the QNAP Web UI. But after a while this turns out as an advantage of the openmediavault implementation. Every setup is strictly separated from others.

    I wanted to use my new build ASRock J4205 ITX based OVM-NAS as backup target for my QNAP TS-563. First trys to use rsync did succeed, but HBS 3 (QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync App) can handle one share per rsync job only:( Therefore I investigated into RTRR (FTP) sync jobs. That was the point where the trouble did start<X Setting up a FTP-Remote-Server in HBS 3 claims about missing UTF8 MLST MFMT features of the OMV ProFtpDeamon. After some internet resarch I found the reason. On a feature request pftpd reports features with a '211-' prefix. HBS 3 can not handle this! This thead did point me into the right direction.

    And here is the work around:

    • ssh to omv nas
    • cd /etc/proftpd
    • sudo nano proftpd.conf
    • search for the line MultilineRFC2228 and replace 'on' by 'off'
    • store the configuration with ^s ^x
    • restart the FTP deamon or reboot the omv nas

    That's it. Now HBS 3 is happy with the OMV FTP server. I hope this helps other users avoiding long research.

    Best Regards

    • QNAP TS-563 16GB RAM, 20TB storage (docker: HomeAssistent, Volkszaehler, SVN, ...)
    • QNAP TS-412 (out of QNAP service, awfully slow, used for daily backup of user homes of TS-563)
    • Zyxel NAS-542 (slow, but does it's job as occasional backup target for other TS-563 shares)
    • OMV-NAS (my new NAS experiment based on a ASRock J4205- ITX mainboard with 8GB RAM)
    • Disks, I prefer cheap HGST-Ultrastar 7K drives:thumbup:

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  • ... but HBS 3 (QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync App) can handle one share per rsync job only:( ..

    Hmm. I had a QNAP until recently and I had one HBS3 sync job covering multiple shares. Pretty sure you can add more than one share via rsync, too. Check again if you missed something like a "+" button or similar?

    (Not wanting to take away from your neat solution for ProFTPd! Just wanted to point this out.) :)

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