5.5.21-1 HDD serial number replaces by ID_SERIAL_SHORT (JMicron)

  • i decided to reinsert the relative path in the 61-openmediavault-dev-disk-by-id.rules (removed with the new version)

    and now my serial number show correctly :) and no more error 'failed with exit code 1'.

    I'm wondering because systemd developers told me that it is not necessary to use absolute paths. And it seems no a generic issue, otherwise the forum and bug tracker would be flooded with reports about that. So i assume something else must be causing the issue? Maybe a custom kernel, other udev/systemd packages from sources other than the Debian repositories, ...

  • Hello, I havent visited the forum in recent months but I stumbled upon your solution & applied to my installation as well.

    So in /etc/udev/rules.d/61-openmediavault-dev-disk-by-id.rules I've searched for the corresponding vendor_id & model_id & altered the code so it looks like this now:

    ENV{ID_VENDOR_ID}=="152d", \
    ENV{ID_MODEL_ID}=="0567", \
    IMPORT{program}="/usr/lib/udev/serial_id %N", \
    SYMLINK="disk/by-path/$env{ID_PATH}", \

    IMPORT{program}="serial_id %N", \ 


    IMPORT{program}="/usr/lib/udev/serial_id %N", \ 

    Et voilà, S/N is showing up again :)

    Thanks for your suggestion!

  • Hello!

    I faced to problem regarding recognizing SSD Crucial disks connected to Raspberry Pi4. I resolved some problem accordingly recommendation from here: " I am using JMicron drive enclosures and some of my drives are not appearing " but I also need to gets some permission to files to correct them "60-persistent-storage.rules" and "serial_id". When I applied all this changes disk appear in OMV but the Model and Serial Number and Vendor are not correct. So please help me to resolve problem see attached picture below.

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