rrdcached service, running/not running, does not exist?

  • Every time I reboot the server, I get two notifications.

    Notification 1:

    Notification 2

    Is this normal? Any help is appreciated, I am very new to all of this. Thanks everyone!

  • This is an alert of the monitoring system as the service is not ready when it starts monitoring. You can delay the start of monit. This will probably avoid these warnings.

    for OMV5:
    Add (or change) an environmental variable to /etc/default/openmediavault


    to delay the start of monit by 60s

    After you added the variable run

    omv-salt stage run prepare

    omv-salt deploy run monit

    to make the change effective.

  • This worked, Thanks! For anyone coming after me who doesn't want to blindly trust a stranger, here is the documentation for a custom configuration.

  • Worked for me too, thx !

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