Disks shown but can't RAID

  • Hello,

    I installed OMV 5.5.22-1 today.

    I have 4 disks:

    500, 250, 250 for data

    32GB for the system

    The 250GB were used disks, so I went to filesystems and cleaned them:


    But when I try to create my mirror, I only see the 500GB disk:

    I rebooted after cleaning the filesystems, but issue is still there.

    I can't see what I did wrong.


  • mat-m

    Added the Label resolved
  • Glad it's fixed.. sorry, I shouldn't be posting at 0130hrs on very little sleep.. I completely missed that.. :). Had I noticed the one disk had data on it the answer would have been more obvious.

    Glad you got it going.

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