I'm not a power user

  • I'm at a dilemma.

    I'm only using my omv installation for some very basic things.

    SMB shares, NFS and TFTP for netbooted raspberry pis, docker for one container currently (pihole), and I'm not using any fancy RAID or disk feature (zfs) or even unionfs.

    So, I think I'm one of the few people out there that omv is really just too much.

    I do want to use proxmox for testing different OS installs and setups and I can't do that easily with omv and cockpit (without headaches).

    So I'm thinking of scrapping omv altogether, loading up proxmox, and just setting up a debian vm that only does smb, nfs, tftp and pihole all in one. That way I can use more hardware resources for playing with other vms.

    Am I on the right path here?

  • Both is possible

    • run OMV (Debian) as a basis and install VM using cockpit (for example)
    • run Proxmox and run OMV in a VM on Proxmox; OMV is very lightweight, so you can still enjoy the ease of configuration

    OMV in a proxmox vm sounds ideal. Is there a way to "create a proxmox vm" from my "live omv installation"?

  • I've decided to dust off my odroid hc2 that got shelved when I built my mitx nas.

    My odroid hc2 is now running armbian buster with 5.4.83 kernel and omv 5.5.22-1 (I believe).

    The hc2 has now been designated as the sole nfs/tftp server and pihole (omv docker).

    This frees up my mitx hardware to concentrate on proxmox or whatever else project I might throw at it. Fortunately I was able to use rsync and pull my nfs directory from my working mitx build to my hc2 build and my raspberry pis didn't notice the difference.


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