How to Clone system disk online? (mounted)

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a solution to clone system drive, headless, online, mounted. My server located on a hard to reach place. Its a G7 N54L HP if it matters. My plane is to put sd card ssd whatever on motherboard usb, (to free up slot as it will only boot from motherboard usb slot or the 4 rack hdd slot). So i would prefer to put an sd card or an ssd/HDD on the usb run the system, and time to time or before changes do a backup to same size drive in one of the front usb ports. i've got a bunch of 32gig sd card for cheap so i would use them for this. If any issue i simply change it for the backup card and go back live.

    I know clonezilla would do the job offline. or any live linux in a pendrive. but i would prefer to do it automatically and remote, and preferably while the system is online, while the system disk is mounted.


  • There is the backup plugin for this.

    Make sure to test the restore process.

    You can do a clone with clonezilla remote. From omv-extras you can select to boot one into clonezilla. Then you can access the server via ssh and perform the backup. When done, reboot and the server should come up with OMV again.

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