USB backup to multiple external drives

  • I have two external HDDs and one backup job registered in the USB Backup plugin for each drive.

    That way, by plugging in drive A it backs up one set of shared folders, and with drive B, a different set. So far, so good.

    Question: if I use both drives simultaneously with a USB docking station and plug it in, will USB Backup run both backup jobs concurrently, or one after the other?

    I would try it myself but I'm afraid they'll start running at the same time and cause disk thrashing (and take forever to finish).

  • will USB Backup run both backup jobs concurrently

    Probably, the downside to this is, would it be effective, would it be destructive, TBH you have no way of knowing unless you test it, but you obviously have some reservations.

    So erring on the side of caution I would probably avoid it, if the drives were connected directly to a system but using a different USB bus then that would be acceptable.

    Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

  • Thanks for replying. :) As I just refreshed my backups on one of the drives in question (but not the other), I went ahead with this little experiment.

    Result: Yes, both rsync instances run at the same time and independently from each other. Or so it seems, anyway, as one of the jobs finished within moments (having nothing to update, really).

    At least OMV can handle both drives being on a single USB3 connection just fine, no problem there.

    I think the only concern is reading the data to be backed up to either external drive from the internal RAID array. But I feel confident enough to try this again some other time, when I know I have data to back up to both drives (but not too much of it). Will keep an eye on disk usage then.

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