Change MAC address on NICs

  • Hello everyone

    I recently went back to OMV by installing it on a Synology DS1010+ (Its basically an small computer with a BIOS and everything), but I noticed that there was really poor network performance.

    When I dug a little deeper into the issue, I noticed that both NICs, have the same MAC address. =O


    Now, I know some advanced Linux stuff, and I have been poking around in the terminal to locate where I can set the correct MAC addresses as printed on the back of the unit, but without luck.

    I noticed that there exists some network configuration in the /etc/openmediavault/config.xml file but that was all I could find.

    I know it is possible to set static MAC addresses in config files in Linux and all I want to achieve is, to do it the most possible right way with OMV.
    Can someone point me to where I can set the MAC addresses on my NICs?

    Best regards

  • I solved IT!
    udev rules!
    I used what information i got here "Change interface mac (hw) address using udev rules" to change the hardware address on udev level.
    That happens before networkd, netplan and omv detects the interface mac address.
    The only change differnce from the servefault guide is, i used KERNEL== instread of ATTRS{Serial}== to select my networks.
    I will be making a future post somewhere inhere to walktrough what I did.

  • Exill

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