Move to OMV 5 from Centos 7

  • Guys,

    I have a large Media system at home that is running on Centos and i manually do all the config from the commandline.

    I have a 2nd box that is a backup server - it is turned off most of the time and simply starts up once per day and performs an rsynch of all the media from the live system then goes back into shutdown.

    This 2nd box is configured with RAID5 arrays (3 of them) - as i retire disks from the live system i move them across to the backup server and expand/extend the arrays.

    As a way of putting my toe into the water with OMV i was thinking of converting the backup server from Centos 7 to Debian.

    I assume being based on Linux that OMV will be able to import my RAID5 arrays and incorporate them into the OMV system ?

    Will i be able to in the future then extend these arrays and the filesystems on them (happy to do so from the CLI) - again i would assume so ?

    thanks for the help


  • I assume your raid setup on Centos is mdadm, so deploying OMV with no data drives attached, then adding each raid one at a time and confirm each is working. You would then obviously have to set up shared folders etc unless you use the whole array as the rsync destination.

    As to expanding the arrays that can be done is the WebUI, this usually works in raid management but to expand the file system for some reason one ends up using the cli. Are your arrays ext4, I've seen btrfs and xfs used and these require different commands for expanding.

    As to rsync there is an option to use the WebUI, without the necessity of the using the cli.

    Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer - yes they are using mdadm. The drives are not shared out - just specific rsynch into subdirectories through cron shell scripts.

    No worries re CLI and FS expansion - it is what i have been doing all along

    So all good there


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