can't find mount source /dev/disk/by-uuid/503...2 in /etc/fstab

  • I have a problem with a raid1 system running on JMICRON USB controller with 2 SATA disks.

    Reading through the forum, I already found the issue about the UDEV database. Maybe this is also related to this one?

    Introduce a UDEV database to fix USB PATA/SATA bridge contoller issues #746

    Error Message:

    Maybe helpful trace output:


    The system was running fine and SMB shares could be shared across my network. Docker files populated and all alive and kickin'.

    In the next step I did an update via the OMV Extras menu and after reboot, I could use the nginx web pages from the docker, but SBM shares did fail.

    Looking at the OMV (great thing!) File Systems entry, /dev/sda1 wasn't mounted anymore. File references in the SMB menu were still showing the disc correctly.


    I found a note about the JMICRON HW at the bottom of the troubleshooting guidelines and already added the "fix" as instructed. Bit w/o any improvement after reboot.

    Any support appreciated. - Please instruct me what additional info I could provide.

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  • What would happen, if I simply add the somewhat changed info in fstab?

    Here some additional data 'areascout', the maker of the great CloudShell2 image from the Odroid forum, did ask me to process:

    Let me know, if you need additional data.

  • Story closed: Finally, I made a backup of all data I could grab and set-up a new OMV.

    My ratio: Updates, upgrades from within OMV-Extras and a new FW driver for the raid system (Micron) finally created three times different /dev/sda1 entries in /etc/fstab.

    Editing fstab resulted in files showing-up again, but access rights could not be administrated anymore.

    So long story short: Get all data you could grab, set-up a new server and there you go again.

    This time I was in luck: No data loss, just one weekend. 8:[

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