Rclone docker for OneDrive

  • Hi guys, I'm trying to sync my Onedrive directory with my NAS and I understand the easiest option is Rclone (if there is a better option please let me know).

    I'm not a linux expert at all, just a very basic user.

    I have been using portainers with the following stack:


    version: "2"



    image: rclone/rclone

    container_name: rclone_rclone


    - PHP_TZ=Europe/Milan

    - PUID=1000

    - PGID=100

    command: rcd --rc-web-gui --rc-addr :5572 --rc-user Max --rc-pass max


    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4364ec4b-587f-4969-a93b-07c5c9f4baaa/AppData/rclone_rclone:/config/rclone

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4364ec4b-587f-4969-a93b-07c5c9f4baaa/AppData/rclone_rclone/logs:/logs


    - "5572:5572"

    restart: unless-stopped

    The GUI works but unable to create the config file. The error is "Error creating config file. Errors: Network error"

    Any advice on how to debut/solve it?

    Thanks, MAX

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