Can't get rid of a "missing" filesystem after a storage migration

  • Hello guys,

    I've completed the storage migration of one of my OMV5 instances. I moved from 4 HDDs (2x in R1, 2x basic) and 3 filesystems to a single encrypted SSD.

    I moved one FS after the other with the following procedure:

    1.- Rsync copy of shared folders from HDD to SSD (pass#1)

    2.- Stop clients (NFS & CIFS)

    3.- Rsync copy of shared folders from HDD to SSD (pass#2)

    4.- Move shared folders to the new FS using the GUI

    5.- Restart the clients and test

    6.- Umount/Delete old FS & wipe old disks

    Everything went fine (not really with NFS but with CIFS at least) for the first 2 FS. But same procedure with the last FS ended up with a missing FS in the GUI.

    Everything but this missing FS works fine after a reboot but I'd like to git rid of it. I've tried to remove the <mntent> bloc (14 to 23) in config.xml which was not present it /etc/fstab but it was a mess after the reboot, it ended up with 2 missing FS including the valid one this time.

    I can't find what is wrong, I guess something obvious is just in front of my eyes but I need someone to point me the issue ;)

    Thanks a lot in advance !


  • Belokan

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  • Hello macom,

    Yes I did try already but:


    id: The value "" does not match exactly one schema of [{"type":"string","format":"fsuuid"},{"type":"string","format":"devicefile"}].

    I can't figure out where this comes from:


    Because nfsproxmox was indeed a FS before the migration, located on a single HDD and named (if I remember correctly) /srv/dev-disk-by-label-nfsproxmox.

    As I've not played around editing fstab or config.xml except to try to remove the <mntent> block, is it possible that the "search & replace" procedure of the GUI used to modify config.xml when moving a shared folder from one FS to one other faces a bug when the origin FS and the shared folder names are identical ?

  • Belokan

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