RAID 5 ARRAY 5 x 4TB Seagate Iron Wolf degraded but SMART Status Green (Good)

  • OMV 4 RAID 5 array reports the file system as degraded but smart status of the "removed" drive is good. I replaced DEV/SDA 2 weeks ago and now SDB has been removed from the array. Is this a drive or controller error? The array has been operating for 3-4 years.


    F. Fota

    Extended information for the removed drive (SDB) follows:

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  • Thanks for the assistance Geaves. I changed the cable and replaced the drive with a known good spare (same SATA port) and the array is now rebuilt and functional. I ran Seagate's Long Generic Test on the drive (ST4000VN008-2DR166, Firmware SC60) and it passed.

    Conclusion: Bad SATA cable. Issue resolved.

    For those investing in arrays of multidrive servers, could you recommend an SATA cable manufacturer? In the past, and with the server in question, I simple bought the cheapest cables I found at Amazon and took advantage of prime shipping. I guess you get what you pay for. I replaced the bad cable in this server with Benfei locking cables.


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    The sata cables I have are from old builds including the spares, I've had Ethernet cables fail and I've just swapped out with what I have.

    Just keep an eye on the crc errors as they will point to a hardware failure

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