Autoshutdown: missing IPs in the IP Range

  • Hello, why do I get this message in the log file and why is the IP not displayed?

    _ping_range(): RANGE:'

    _ping_range(): pinglist_array:'

    Why are Ips 20 to 29 missing?

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • I not sure what is going on here. the script will automatically remove IP that is find for the nic but that a bit range. Can i have some verbose log form the system so i can see what going on. I will also try to simulate this

  • _ping_range(): pinglist_array:'

    it worked for me , so I will need the logs

  • Hello, some additional info, maybe it's useful, maybe not....

    If I set the Ip Range to 179.19..55, everything works as expected. Then also the Ips appear in the array.

    Many greetings

  • Ok here a fix you can apply to 5.1.11 (released today) until the fix is release and it give it a bit of testing.

    Change the following in /usr/sbin/autoshutdown, line 83

    From: local -r server_ips="${3// /\\|}"
    To: local -r server_ips="^\(${3// /\\|}\)$"

    This should fix it for you. can you confirm if it worked for you or not.

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