Script to Move not copy a file that has just been downloaded by Transmission on Ubuntu 20.04 to a HDD on the network.

  • I have transmission running on a dedicated Ubuntu 20.04 desktop version. After the download is complete I would like a COPY of the file not the original file it stays where it is to be placed in a dir on another drive on the network. The destination HDD is accessed via SAMBA and of course I can do this manually. I was thinking maybe there is a script I can run using the feature of transmission <call script when download is complete>. This way the new files would be place on the nearby drive and the NAS can pull from them. I need to be very clear as others have tried to tell me to save to the NAS in the first place this is NOT going to work for me. If any one can give me a script or a good start on one that would be great. I have never tried to write a script but BASH looks like something I could understand.:thumbup:

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