Super slow SMB speeds

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    My OMV5 has been running perfectly but after a week network transfer speeds has gone down from 20-40gb/s to 500k/s when copying FROM server or streaming from OMV shares...

    The problem is that it's FROM the SMB shares, not to the server. I also have issues streaming off a share.

    I have tried Solutions to common problems including double checking the the SMB tuning threads (I have all those steps from before) and switching CAT5 cables etc with no luck. I can copy TO the OMV shares without any problem and uploads that doesn't use SMB is fast so it only concerns SMB shares.

    Internal transfers between hdd's on the server is without problems. S:M:A:R:T data is the same as a week ago.

    The share i normally stream from is a LUKS encrypted 3hdd MergeFS volume but this concerns any share on the OMV server.

    *UPDATE* this problem only occurs when streaming or copying FROM the OMV server. Copying TO the server yields normal transfer speeds.

    Can this have to do with an update the last week? I have plowed though the logs but can't find any errors related to network issues on the OMV server. Note that I haven't done anything physically with the server, only installed updates.

  • I've finallky located the problem of this and I want to share this to others with similiar problems.

    When I during the weekend was swapping out the motherboard because I was going to try another motherboard with the same hardware I discovered that the power connector to the motherboard had popped out about a millimeter...

    When I inserted this properly the transfer speed problem was gone.

    The NAS server works perfectly now.

    I understand that having a bad power connector can cause problem but since I had no other problems on the NAS I find this peculier.

    Well...I hope my findings can help someone else with similiar problems.

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