Problem save OMV5.5.23-1(Usull)

  • When I open my OMV5 interface, without doing anything I have the top banner message want you to save the changes

    if I click on yes, I have this error message below, if I put no nothing happens.

    i disabled all smb, nfs ssh etc services and wanted to uncheck all the services checked in notification, and i still get the same error message when i click yes, i can't edit.

    I can't even enter my email.essay writer

    then I wanted to reactivate the services, nfs ok, ssh ok, but ftp I can not always get this error message when I want to save the settings and on smb when wanting to reactivate now I have this message "The DNS hostname is limited to 15 characters when using SMB / CIFS. "

    i went to omv-fistaid i did cleanweb, clean apt and cleanlocal, but i still have the problem.

    thanks for your advices

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