New to OMV, Several questions , please help me? :)

  • Dear Comunity.

    First of all, OMV is amazing, i felt imediately in love with it after discoverying the guru meditation error on logout, you see, for those you don't know guru meditation warning was the bsod for the amiga, and i am from that era!
    Anyway i am running OMV barebone on a DL380P Gen8, it's my backup server running 9x 6tb raid 6 drives and i have xpenology on esxi on a gen9 running 24/7 and it's only purpose is to be my "backup server"...

    The first hickup i ecountered was that i couldn't install OMV on a PenDrive, i had to select an hardrive , otherwise it would give me an error installing, i don't know how to counter this.
    The second hickup i encontered was with autoshutdown, as soon as OMV was installed, i tried the AutoShutdown on OMV extras and using the default settings i was unable to shutdown my machine even if no hard drives were installed or anything was configured... that's odd..., still as soon as i solve this issue i'm able to manually send a wake up magic packet from my synology and run rsync , my intentions is to have the server shutdown as soon as no network activity is present. i'm thinking 10 minutes of no hdd activity would sufice i think.
    And finally i have no clue on what to do if my OMV instalation files die, i mean i can allways recover my files in linux i'm sure, but how can i quickly replace the OMV instalation with a fresh install and get all my files and configurations back on track again?
    Kind regards and thank you in advance.

    Vasco from Portugal

  • Just a follow up on something, i took the liberty to read the log on autoshutdown, and i found something cool.
    it seems the default seetings for the autoshutdown does a sweep on a certain ip range inside my own private network, since i had other computers online this server wouldn't shutdown.

    As soon as my raid is ready i'll disable that option and do more tests.

  • The pen drive.. what problem were you running in to? *Generally* speaking.. when people have problems with this it's because the flash drive does not get detected as /sda. You can try changing USB ports, etc. and see if that helps.

    If you can't get it to work, then the easiest thing to do is download a debian mini ISO, complete a minimal installation (no GUI, etc.) and then when that is done, install OMV on top of it (there's a script to do that)

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • Hi KM0201 great!
    I can't format my pen, it gives me an error, i am unable to solve it and i have tried every single port.
    I can install debian and then OMV if you point me in the right direction, but that brings me another question, how can i migrate my data back to the new OMV instalation in this scenario?

  • If you install from the OMV ISO, the installer will try to create a swap partition of the size of your RAM. Is the pen big enough for that?

    If not, you can either pull some RAM for the installation and add it later, or install debian first and then OMV on top.

    How to do this?…lling_omv5_i386_32_bit_pc

    Works the same , if you use the 64bit Debian version.

  • Well i have 32GB ram it's overkill for this server so i plan to use only 8 or 16 , the idea of the pen is that i can have mutiple clones , once the pen die i can just insert a new one.
    Anyway, once i get the new OMV instalation will OMV detect this array as an OMV array? will it auto configure like synology? if not what should i backup?

  • Hi, so... the folders will automatically appear in the shared folders ?
    How about permissions etc?
    Would it be possible to copy the configuration files?

  • Hi, so... the folders will automatically appear in the shared folders ?

    No, you have to create the shared folders and point them to the existing folders on the drives.

    How about permissions etc?

    On filesystem level they will be there. You need to specify privileges for users on shared folders.

    Would it be possible to copy the configuration files?

    No, you can only keep the config.xml as reference. But it is better to make screenshots of the setting in the GUI of OMV.

  • that's great! thanks for your help.
    I think everything will be finem again this is just a backup server for hyper backup incremental backups plus a couple of things i want to keep (not backup but in raid).

  • Hey beautiful people.
    I'm almost set with my OMV but i have just encountered a new issue.
    WOL on Bond doesn't work and i suspect it's because a mac address issue.

    I have 4 Nics on my DL380 Gen8 , if i use 1 nic for ethernet and enable WOL, the WOL will run perfectly.
    If i use 4 nics on bond and enable the WOL the WOL won't work, on any port mac address, what's even weirder is that the mac address changes to something i don't recognise.

    Here's my macs:

    Bond - 36:38:C1:53:D1:29
    Real Nics: (sorry i covered two letters but you get the idea)





    Why is OMV assigning a completely different mac address to the bond?

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