I have tons of problems with a X99-K9

  • Hi, first of all I'm almost done.

    I come from a pi4 where I have installed OMV with tons of dockers and all works flawless (knowing the cpu Im using).

    I have a machinist X99-K9 with a xeon 2630L V3 + m.2 nvme

    If I install the latest OMV5 iso after I boot and do an apt upgrade I cannot longer boot, I get the mdadm messages and after those busybox, I have tried every solution I found but the config files seems to be the same as before upgrading.
    So I tried to install Debian 10.8 and using it as a base install it as package, at first it worked, but after installing omv-extras and a couple of plugins, I decided to reboot and see, what happened? Of course something crashed, this time was ethernetm, I do not get internet I got my /etc/network/interfaces overwritten and I lost my working config.

    I don't know what to do, I just want a system that lets me install dockers + have one drive with info and every day sync it with other

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