Restore Configuration backup - omv-firstaid - How do you make the backup????

  • So while trying to recover one of my OMV NAS which had suffered an issue, I noticed in the omv-firstaid tool that there was an option to "Restore Configuration Backup"

    Obviously, I tried clicking on it during my efforts to recover the problem I was having, only to be told there was no configuration backup....

    On the one hand, this made me feel a bit sheepish at the time, because I thought to myself "Yes, my fault, I should have backed up the configuration"

    But having now reinstalled OMV on that machine and managed to get all my shares and files back online, I have spent a little while looking for an option in the GUI to "Backup Configuration" but I can't find it anywhere.

    I have of course found various plugins that cover backups, but I had kind of assumed that these are for general backups, and because restoration is in the firstaid tool, I suspect there is a process built into OMV as a button to click as standard in the GUI? Or am I wrong and one of the plugins are needed?

    I have tried the search function and spent a while looking through search results, but all I can find is people mentioning to "Use the restore configuration option in omv-firstaid" not anything saying how to save the configuration.

    I am probably just being a bit thick.:)

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