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  • I am in the process of building a PC with removable 3.5" HDD trays in the front and install OMV.

    My use case is thus:

    1. I have a synology NAS
    2. I am going to use the new build OMV as my backup
    3. I will have a mix of drives in OMV - both as EXT4 and NTFS**
    4. Every week, create a Rsync job to PULL info from Synology and write into NTFS & EXT3 (NTFS disks and EXT3 disks are data dupes) in OMV
    5. Unmount NTFS disks from OMV and use it as OFFSITE backup and swap another disk in its place (later mount and format to NTFS)

    The above process allows me have a replicate of Synology NAS in my OMV (EXT4) as well as OFF SITE backup which can be read by Windows 10 (important) in the NTFS HDD.

    I would appreciate feedback on the use case.

    ** I believe NTFS is not recommended but I want to use it any - Any issues?

  • ** I believe NTFS is not recommended but I want to use it any - Any issues?

    First, OMV won't format NTFS. You'd have to format the disks on a Windows client, which means you'd be mounting a foregin volume. It's far better to let OMV wipe the drive and and format the disk using a Linux native format.

    With NTFS formatted disks, you should expect issues if you're using access control. The reason is simple. OMV writes disk formats and "permissions" native to Linux. Posix permissions do not (rpt do not) translate 1 to 1 to Windows permissions. If you use Others - Write (at the Linux server) and Everyone - Write (or) Full Control (Windows) on data drives, they might work without issues.

    I think you'd be far better off to use SMB shares which are designed to act as Windows ACL to Posix permission translators. With SMB shares, Windows files can be stored with DOS attributes intact and usable access control can be achieved .

    I'm not sure how you're planning to use rsync (with an rsycn server or not) but this doc -> Remote Mount could walk you through a scenario for replicating shares from the Synology NAS to the OMV server, creating a backup server.

  • crashtest,

    Thanks - you have a good point.

    Maybe I will use the SMB shares from OMV which I Rsync with Synology.

    Since windows 10 can do ubuntu - I have written a custom Rsync to sync my USB 3 NTFS HDD to Synology as well from my PC. I use this as my offline backup. The only issues is that this is "physical" work. I use the network folder (pointing to Synology) as my mounts in my custom Rsync.

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