Delete swapfile OMV5

  • Hi there,

    I would like to delete the swapfile in OMV5 (running on a 16gb usb key).

    I am using the flash memory plugin and am trying to follow the extra instructions on the plugin page.

    I have commented out the swap in the fstab file as per the instructions.

    However I cannot run any of the following commands (terminal) as per instructions:

    update-initramfs -u
    blkid | grep swap
    swapoff /dev/sda2
    wipefs -a /dev/sda2

    I get a "command not found" message with all of them.

    Can these commands be run from terminal?

    I was just thinking of removing the usb key and deleting the swap partition in gparted?

    I'm sure I am missing something really obvious but I would like to remove the partition to give my os drive several more gb of storage.


    /edit during writing this post I realised I wasn't using sudo for the commands.

    They seem to work now.

    Can I just use gparted then to expand the OS to the max capacity of the usb key?

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