Raspberry "dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown" (on/off switch) feature vanished after omv installation

  • Hello !

    On a Rasperry PI there is an option to attach a pushbotton on the GPIO3 pins and this gives a start/stop switch to the Pi. Before the installation of omv this feature did work fine - it´s activated in the /boot/config.txt (dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown)

    AFTER the plain installation of omv (wget -O - https://github.com/OpenMediaVault....) this feature does not work any more for shutdown. To me it seems that omv disables all GPIO...

    A start of a PI by closing the GPIO does work, so the general configuration/functionality seems to be OK....

    I did test it with a plain Rasberian (buster) + current updates on a Raspberry PI 3 B+ v1,2 . omv 5.6.2.-1

    Needless to say omv itself works without any problems.

    Any hints would be fine

    Greetings from Graz


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  • Hi Reini8020,
    have you already solved your problem. I´m very interested in this because I´m planning in to build my NAS with raspberry pi 4 and OMV. My old NAS is dying now. I was able to trigger the boot process and shutting it down (ACPI) by pressing a light switch paired with a relay. So I was able to do so from different locations in my house. I also would like to do so with my planned raspberry NAS.

    Greetings to the beautiful town of Graz from the far north Waidhofen an der Thaya.

  • Hello Broncheolus !

    On the same web you will find Richtiger An-/Ausschalter für den Raspberry Pi. So geht's - BitReporter.

    This gives you a raspberry on/off switch: one entry in the "config.txt" and absolute minimum hardware - one simple touch-button - is needed. Perfect !

    It does work a least on 4 raspberry OS's I did test it. AND it does work on "2021-01-11-raspios-buster-armhf-lite" BEFORE you install the omv. So I guess that the omv-install does something on the GPIO management. What and why is all I want to know....

    I want do use it as a general solution: One Li-ion battery should keep the Pi alive until it did shut down omv. Currently I am using one 12 V/4A power-supply for all the small equipment: Network switch, omv and Internet ADSL.

    Currentlx the one-switch-solution does work for starting the omv / pi

    Nevertheless - I did not find time to test it on the other gpio ports. Did anyone ?

    Grüße ins Waldviertel !


  • Hello people

    I can confirm that the gpio-shutdown (short gpio3 to 0V) works on a fresh install of lite, but vanishes after omv install.

    The reason I'd like to use it is that have power supply with incoming supply fail alert which might, just might, allow the thing to shut down gracefully. At present I get a corrupted data disk on a power interruption. I think the disk goes down before the Pi.

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